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Mulmul Cotton Sarees

Mulmul is a fine, soft cotton muslin which is produced in India. Cotton mulmul sarees are beautiful textured, lightweight and delicate. Referred as “wonder gossamer” or “woven wind” these fabrics was once exclusive to the kings and queens of the Indian subcontinent. Nowadays mulmul sarees have gained immense popularity throughout the world.

Tribute to these golden hands that continue to earn respect, reputation and riches for the country. Turbancart’s products are natural, handcrafted, contemporary, stylish and affordable. We are synonymous with fairly traded, eco-friendly and genuine handcrafted products, of the very highest quality, manufactured throughout India.

We have beautiful varieties Batik Print Mulmul Cotton Saree Multi Shades Light & others unique designs are available as Batrix print Mulmul Cotton with yellow print, white with red wine print, multi shades. Here at our clothing brand we provide completely sustainable sarees. We work hard to create sarees with eternal beauty and a balance of functionality and quality